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Retinoid Treatments

Skin Care and Beauty for Your New Day

This treatment creates a mild occlusion to enhance absorption of the vitamins, antioxidants and rich actives into the skin for maximum benefits.  They can be ADDED as a booster to Chemical Peels or used on their own.


Ultra Peel II:    5 mins if added onto a Chemical Peel – $10;  30 mins if on own – $45

An advanced exfoliation treatment that promotes bright, even skin tone and moisturizes aging skin.  The vitamin A content exfoliates and helps keep skin looking fresh, while Vitamin C minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Esthetique Peel:  5 mins if added onto a Chemical Peel – $10;  30 mins if on own – $45

Smooths and brightens the skin while promoting a clear complexion.  Its advanced antioxidants, vitamins, humectants and brightening ingredients and helps promote a glowing, even skin tone.



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